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Pete & Deb - Skyline Drive, VirginiaI’m Pete and, together with my wife Deb, I’m working on making this blog into a place of interest to our fellow RV-campers. We started off, when our kids were young, tent camping all over New Hampshire and our neighboring states. Over the years, we made the common progression from tent camping, to a pop-up camper, and for the past several years we’ve enjoyed our travel trailers. The last few years, we’ve ventured further from home and enjoyed longer trips – New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, and so forth. Now that we’ve taken the “leap-of-faith” into retirement, we plan to add in longer trips to parts of our beautiful country we have yet to see.

Through this blog, we’ll share some of our experiences, ideas, and opinions. That will include our thoughts about RV parks and campgrounds we visit, other travel experiences, some how-to information, as well as our opinions about RV-related products we use. We really hope that some of you will make things more interesting by sharing your comments…and your wisdom.

As briefly noted on our home page, in an effort to supplement our income during retirement (no lottery winnings yet!), we’ve joined the Amazon Associates Program. You will see, here and there on our site, links to Amazon pages selling products that we use, or that relate to some of the posts on this blog. You may also see other, non-Amazon links to other RV-related products or services that we feel are good ones and offer real value to us and other RVers. If any of these things interest you and you decide to buy them, doing so through the links on this site won’t cost you a  penny more, but we will earn a small commission when you do. Just so you know…

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Pete & Deb

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