Oct 282015

Use Your Noodle 3

A quick tip to help keep your RV refrigerator fresh smelling over the winter months. We all turn off, empty, and clean our RV refrigerator and freezer as part of the winterizing or storage-prep process. Most of you also know that it’s a good idea to leave your RV’s refrigerator and freezer doors open a bit while it’s not in use. This just allows air flow and helps to prevent any musty smell or condensation inside the refer.

How do you keep the doors ajar? We used to use a couple of the spring bars you put across the shelves when traveling. Just lay one on a shelf and adjust the length so it sticks out far enough to hold the door open. We’ve seen someone use a folded kitchen towel, and you can buy “door stays” at RV supply stores.

After using these pool toys to help us secure our dinette chairs (post is here), and to make protective pads for an RV cover (post is here), we said “Hey, let’s use our noodle – again!” We cut a couple of 4-5 inch lengths of left over noodle and slit one side. Then we slipped them over a couple of convenient protrusions on the inside of the doors. Bingo! Easy, lightweight, and reusable.

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Oct 232015
RV Do It Yourself - Secure Your RV Chairs for Travel

Use Your Noodle 2 Here’s an RV Do It Yourself tip to help you secure your free standing dinette chairs to make sure they stay put and don’t bang into anything during travel. Over the past summer, we bought a fifth wheel that has a dinette with free-standing chairs. The previous owner (it’s a three year old rig) hadn’t used it much and said he’d never even seen any tie-down straps for the chairs. Some RVers don’t secure their dinette chairs. Others report damage caused by unsecured chairs during a panic-stop or accident. We opted to be safe rather than [Read more…]

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Nov 122014
How To Protect Your RV Cover ― Use Your Noodle!

RV Maintenance Tips and Tricks This RV maintenance article describes how we used a very common toy to protect our new RV cover from tears and other damage from sharp corners and protrusions on our travel trailer. You can protect your RV cover the same way. The Project — We live in New Hampshire. We winterize our RV and store it for the winter outside our home. Our winter weather is cold, snowy, and sometimes windy. In past years, to protect our RV from this winter nastiness, we have covered the roof with a big, heavy duty tarp tied down using [Read more…]

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